My daughter loves going to preschool. I think because it is relativley small she feels safe and nurtured. She has made so many new friends. When she is collected she tells us exactly which children were there and what she did while she was there. She appears to have grown greatly in confidence and has learnt some essential skills for school next year. I wish and she wishes that she could go to preschool more often instead having to go to an alternative nursery on an other day (hours 8am-6pm) I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Peacock Preschool.

Mrs B 25/10/2012

My daughter has been attending Peacock preschool since September 2010. She loves it and always looks forward to going in, The staff are very friendly and welcoming particularly Jayne who [she] is especially fond of. I find communication between staff and myself good and often get reports of how [she] is getting on. The facilities are good and [she] loves going out in the garden. We even have a greenhouse now as she loves planting and growing. Its always clean when we go in and its good to know that the children are encouraged to wash hands regularly. We always thought [she] was an intelligent child, especially compared to her friends but since joining peacocks I've noticed a big difference and she's always asking to 'do numbers' or 'writing'. Its good to know that the staff are equipped to encourage children's potential as well as introducing new things to them. Se has always been a well mannered girl and I'm pleased this has continued as I know some preschools aren't as strict and children often become lazy with speech and manners when they first start mixing with their peers, but peacocks clearly encourage good manners and 'proper' English. Overall very satisfied with the preschool.

Mum June 2012

My [niece] joined the pre-school in September 2011. Myself and [niece's mum] visited in July where we both instantly felt a caring atmosphere. She already attended a nursery so [she] was confident about attending the pre-school. Due to an unfortunate event we had to withdraw [her] from her nursery. All the members of staff were extremely supportive at the pre-school & immediately accommodated the extra sessions we needed. Not only did they do that they also showed [her], her mum and myself the compassion which helped us restore our faith in carers. The transition has been a smooth one and this is due to the love and care from all members of your staff. [She] has difficulty with her bowels and all staff are very sensitive and helpful in helping her overcome her problem. We were attracted to the pre-school because of the warm, happy and friendly atmosphere and we feel a great deal of comfort that [she] is being cared for at the pre-school. We are truly grateful to a wonderful team Thank you.

Aunty of child June 12

I find Peacocks to be a very friendly and supportive childcare service. I feel very content when I leave my child at Peacocks. I have no concern or worries about the safety or well being of my child while she is there. I am very happy with communication from Peacocks to myself and I am confident and happy to speak to them about any concerns I might have.
I'm sorry I thought long and hard but couldn't think of anything I feel needs improving. They are a lovely bunch of ladies who do a fantastic job.

Current Parent 20/01/2011

Phoebe always comes out of pre-school with a big smile & lots to say about her day. We think Foxy is an excellent idea & Phoebe loved having him to stay. She keeps asking when he's coming back.
I would like more feedback about Phoebe & her progress or what she needs more help with.
All the staff are friendly & welcoming. Jayne in particular is especially supportive, reassuring me when Phoebe gets upset before I leave her.

Cara 14/01/2011

Every one enjoys taking Foxy home. He is our resident teddy who spends his weekends with different children, taking his diary with him.
All Children's learning journals are available at any time to be viewed and are sent home every term to be looked at in more detail. There is also a facility to sign the journals out to take home at any time.
Peacock Preschool

Charlie always comes away from pre-school happy!! He tells me all the things he has been doing and making, he brings home lovely little creations every week. The staff are always friendly and helpful, always open the door with happy smiley faces and Charlie adores all the teachers at Peacock pre-school.

Current Parent 17/01/2011

Ruby is very happy here she speaks highly of all the staff and looks forward to each session. We also like the fact that the garden has two levels - one grassed and one paved. This means that the children don't miss out it has been raining and it is muddy etc on the grass level. We realise the importance of outside play so this is a big positive. The ball pool area is a nice aspect as this encourages the children to play energetically rather than sat at a table all day. The only weakness is the congestion in the doorway when collecting Ruby.

Current Parent 15/12/2010

To help ease congestion we are currently trailing a 'one-way system' to see if this helps.
Peacock Preschool

Children are well looked after and kept busy during their sessions. The staff get to know the children in their care and pick up on any problems the children seem to have. Dropping off and picking are particularly busy times and difficult if pushed for time. Maybe children can be dressed ready to go home for us? Home-Link Books are not really used. Maybe if we had comment each week about something they did particularly well or enjoyed?

Current Parent 14/12/2010

Home-Link Books were first introduced in September of this year and we are still getting used to them. We have only been using them when we felt it had been relevant to do so but will now try to add at least one entry a week for each child.
Peacock Preschool

Peacocks is in my opinion a fantastic Pre-school offering flexible sessions for children under five. When my son started we both had a really warm welcome from the lovely staff who work there, all of whom are very experienced and well qualified. There is a very caring atmosphere and I have always felt one hundred percent confident in leaving my son in their capable hands knowing that he is being well cared for and being given all opportunities needed to prepare him for 'Big School." Peacocks is very well resourced with lots of construction equipment and a very large outside area which is very important for my child as he is very active and enjoys playing on the outside equipment. I also like the fact that the children still have an opportunity for physical play when it is raining as there is a small indoor soft play area. As parents we are kept really well informed through notices displayed in the entrance area but also in the form of newsletters and copies of half termly planning sheets.
It is hard to think of anything to criticise about Peacocks as I think it is very homely due to its layout and really like the way each room is used for different activities. I also know the staff and parents work very hard together collecting vouchers to buy equipment etc. However if a bit more money was available perhaps some of the carpets, curtains etc could be updated.
Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have ensured Oliver has thoroughly enjoyed the very important time before starting School. I am especially grateful for all your support whilst Oliver has been adjusting to wearing his eye patch and glasses.

Clara 13/12/2010

I am the parent of a young boy whose three years and five months old. He has been attending Peacocks since November 2009.
Building and Facilities
The first impression I had of the Peacocks premises was that it seems very much like a home with a lounge, kitchen, playroom and large well-equipped garden. My son had been used to staying with me at home and had never spent any time away from me in a nursery. I think the fact that the set up is so 'Home like' in ny opinion, helped him to settle very quickly unlike my older son who had his Pre-school education in a Nursery and took a very long time to settle in. There are designated areas within the building for the children to develop different skills and there are a wide variety of toys and equipment to allow them to do so. I have been very impressed by the fact that the staff encourage parents to collect vouchers in order to buy equipment such as the sand tray and light tent. It is nice for parents to feel they can make a contribution towards-buying resources. Peacocks has a well-equipped kitchen for the children to use for cooking and a really clean looking bathroom area with infant sized toilets, and curtains for sectioning off the area for privacy. Again these two areas look very homely and so ideal for making the children feel comfortable. Another of the areas I feel is very impressive is the extremely extensive outside area. My son is the type of child who loves being outside in all weathers and so the Peacocks garden is ideal. It has plenty of large equipment and sand and water play, an area for the children to grow their own plants, as well as shade for the summer months.
There is a very warm and welcoming atmosphere at Peacocks. The staff are very approachable and clearly love working with Pre-school aged children. We do not have any family living nearby and so for my son is has been like having a second family of Aunties to go and spend time with, as he absolutely adores all of the ladies. It is very re-assuring to know that my child is with very caring and experienced staff and this is something that I have heard other parents say.
I have found communication to be very effective. This is done face-to-face at the end or beginning of the session or through letters going home with the children. Parents are kept up-to-date with what is going on or coming up through termly Newsletters, and ideas for activities to do with the children at home are also sent home regularly.
The staff go to a lot of trouble to make sure there are lots of activities going on for the children to take part in throughout the year like the Christmas performance; the sponsored Teddy Quilts and the end of term Family Fun Day. I am very glad that I came to look round Peacocks to see if it would be suitable. The hardworking and caring staff, as well as the homely atmosphere have ensured that he is getting exactly what he needs before he starts infant School in 2011.

Current Parent 12/06/2010
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